Read The Bible in One Year

picture source: blueletterbible.

This year (2016) I’ve started with reading through (read: listening to) the Bible in one year. Of course, I have already read every passage which can be found in the Bible before but this systematic method is a new experience to me.

I follow the Chronological Plan from Blue Letter Bible.
You can download it here: 1Yr_ChronologicalPlan.

Please join me in this daily devotion!

(For other plans from Blue Letter Bible, click here.)

I personally chose to listen to the Bible in my mother tongue (Dutch) because I noticed that I should know my Bible better in Dutch, which will give me advantages as an open-air preacher.

I listen to it because I have an auditory memory and for my studies in theology I have to use my eyes a lot on a computer screen and on theology books.

Enjoy your daily reading/listening!


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