The ‘Great Indignation’ against Israel (2 Kings 3:27)

picture source: Phyliss Saroff.

‘It is not illogical, when considering the allied campaign of Israel and Judah against Moab, that in Judah a co-regent was appointed. Although the joint march of the armies of Judah and Israel against Moab happened with a word of the Lord (2 Kings 3:10-12), with a promise of success, we perceive that the Judaeans and Israelites still cancel the siege on Moab, after the Moabite king Mesha sacrificed his son and planned heir to the throne as a burnt offering to his god Kemos on the wall in front of the eyes of the besiegers. The described ‘great indignation’ that came on that moment over Israel (2 Kings 3:27), is the result of the wayward draw of the Israelite besiegers, who did not pay heed to the previous word of the Lord, given through the prophet Elisha. Their reverence for the Moabite god Kemos was apparently bigger than their awe for the Lord God.


This indignation of God expressed itself in a famine which would last for seven years (2 Kings 8:1).’

bron: Robert De Telder, “Kroniek van koning Joram van het tienstammenrijk” (kronos).
translated by: crosstheology.

Read also “The Moabites thwart God” by Chris Fisher.


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