Boast Worthy ?

‘Isn’t boasting reserved for those things you can do that most others can’t do?

No one is going around boasting about their ability to stand in front of those who choose to remain seated. Why? Because they know those who are sitting could get up whenever they wanted. There is nothing unique or special about the ability to stand.

It would be comical to boast about doing something that any normal able bodied individual could choose to do.

We (non-Calvinist) are too often accused that we could/would boast in our salvation because we affirm that it is our responsibility to *freely* respond in faith to the gracious Holy Spirit wrought gospel appeal.

Is this really boast worthy?

We are the ones who believe anyone can believe the gospel. Why would we boast in doing something anyone is able to do?

It’s the Calvinists who believe this ability is uniquely given to them and not most people. It makes much more sense for a Calvinist to boast in an ability granted to him that has been withheld from most others.

A great singer, for example, is a given a rare gift from birth and can often become proud or boastful due to that unique gift. But if everyone was born able sing that well whenever they wanted, then boasting in that ability would not make any sense.

Thus, Calvinism leaves more room for boasting than does our soteriological perspective.

Let me be very clear. I don’t believe either system actually does have grounds for boasting nor do I (having been in both sides of this issue) believe any good Calvinist or non-Calvinistic believer would desire to boast. But, if one was comparing the two sides objectively, clearly it’s the Calvinist who would have more grounds for boasting given that his God given abilities are more rare and unique to him, not the majority.


source: Leighton Flowers (soteriology101).


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