Why I celebrate Christmas

‘I really enjoy the Christmas season because of the Christmas songs about Jesus Christ and the gospel.

I remember walking through the mall as a new Christian and hearing them play a Christmas song about Jesus throughout the entire mall. I thought, “Wow that’s amazing. I can’t stand up and preach in this mall because they will kick me out. But because it is Christmas time, the gospel message is being preached throughout their whole PA system!”

The first time that I ever heard the gospel in my life was when I was a very little boy and I was in the car with my mother and she put on some Christmas songs on the radio. I vividly remember hearing about God becoming a baby in a manger and how that thought made a deep impression upon my mind. I recall looking up at the stars as I meditated on the Christmas or gospel story.

The gospel was not something that was really talked about in my house growing up, but through Christmas songs I heard and believed the gospel as a boy. Christmas time was really the only time that I was really exposed to the gospel. I wonder how many countless others have been exposed to the gospel this way? During Christmas time through Christmas music, many souls hear the gospel which otherwise may not have.

Our nation, which has turned its back on God in so many ways, is reminded as a whole at least once a year about the baby born in the manger. And that is an awesome thing.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Jesse Morrell’

source: biblicaltruthresources.

Also a “Merry Christmas” from my part to everyone!

My thought of this season is:

“Isn’t it ironic that a little Baby was destined to destroy the grip which the devil had over our lives? Praise God the Father for the successful mission of Jesus Christ!

Christmas portrays the time in which Jesus was born as a little innocent baby. If you have wronged someone else, try to restore the relationship and start again. It’s a time for second chances. Ask Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. With His Blood which was spilled on the cross, He can wash you, and make you new with His Spirit Who comes and lives inside of you (don’t be scared, I know how it feels 😉 ) so you will be as innocent as a new-born baby.”


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