Two by Two

“Jesus sent out the seventy disciples in groups of two (see Lk. 10: 1). Have you ever wondered why? I didn’t, until I began this journey into healing and not long afterward, it became obvious. Success and humility don’t always walk hand in hand, though they do make a handsome couple. One of the problems we encounter in healing is the tendency for pride to sneak into our lives when miracles happen. If there are two pairs of hands resting on someone when they’re healed of cancer, who gets the credit? One reason for doing ministry in tandem is to prevent swollen egos. The honor and glory belongs to God. Partnering with others can prevent opportunities for pride to take root.

Another reason is that we all struggle at times with obedience or consistency. Having a partner can minimize the effect of those days when your faith is weak or you are in rebellion. Your partner should be praying for you and you should be praying for them.”

source: Praying Medic, Divine Healing Made Simple (2013), Chapter 14: Street Healing, p. 125-126.


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