Gordon C. Olson – Sharing your Faith Series (Moral Government Theology)

Some differences of opinion I have with the following series: I am not sure God is omnipresent (see here), I do not believe that there was another way possible for Jesus to carry out the atonement then through the cross and I do not believe in total depravity (the idea that everything a person does before conversion is totally and always sinful). (I do believe, however, that when we come through Christ by grace through faith in repentance, there are no works by which we can merit our pardon before God.)

On all the other points, I generally agree. So if I am allowed to differ on the previous points, you could call me a moral government theologian.

I would recommend the following series to every Christian. And I would recommend this and Gordon Olson’s Truth Manual to every new-born Christian, since he is able to lay a firm doctrinal foundation, not corrupt with all kinds of false teachings such as easy-believism and the like.

Enjoy listening to and especially learning from these series! 🙂

picture source: biblcaltruthresources.

Audio-format (mp3):

Test. More mp3’s coming soon.

[You can download the whole map and put it on your cell phone or mp3-player.]

Video-format (mp4):

All videos courtesy of Jesse Morrell (bibletheology).


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