The Trinity – Wisdom

WISDOM is a moral attribute of the Godhead, or more properly is an attribute of love, since wisdom is the benevolent use of the abilities of personality: Ps. 104:24; 136:1-9; 3:19; Jer. 51:15; Ro. 11:33; I Co. 2:7 (1-10); Ep. 3:8-10; Col. 2:2-3.

Wisdom is intellectual ability and knowledge put to work by love to devise designs and plans that tend to good and usefulness. Wisdom, then, is the net product of the personal abilities of the Godhead, the knowledge of the Godhead, and the willingness to use these endowments in a benevolent or loving way. It is the net end-product of the Being and character of the Godhead. It is what the Personalities and knowledge of the Godhead can do when applied in a benevolent or loving way. It is an amalgamation of a loving purpose with the intellectual ability to design, an emotional ability to guide and evaluate, and the energy of personality to bring it to pass.

Wisdom is more than moral character, since it is caused by or is the fruit of moral character. Wisdom is higher than knowledge, since it is the benevolent use of knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge tempered and harnessed by goodness. Wisdom is more than the endowments of personality. It is the product of personality, lived in a right and useful way. Thus wisdom is one of the most crowning moral attributes of the Godhead.

While the design and creation of the vast universe with all its furnishings is a product of God’s wisdom, it appears that the greatest achievement of God’s wisdom relates to the accomplishment of redemption and the spiritual blessings granted to those who respond. The blessed plan of salvation through the sufferings of a substituted Savior was a crowning manifestation, and also its accomplishment in spite of man’s rejection and violence against his own Redeemer (I Co. 2:1-10). Profound wisdom is also manifested in the plan of the mystical Church of Christ, as amalgamated together in a living organism by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in this glorious age of grace (Ep. 3:1-12). Throughout the endless ages of eternity, the redeemed shall marvel at the unending manifestations of the wisdom of the Godhead.’

Source: Gordon Olson, The Truth Shall Make You Free, The Truth About The Nature and Character of God, p 36 (Illinois, Bible Research Fellowship Inc., 1980)

Gordon Olson explains:

Source: my youtube channel (check for primary source and more videos by Gordon C. Olson)


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