A Seeking Saviour and A Seeking Sinner are Bound to meet

“When we are told that Zacchaeus ‘sought to see Jesus’ (verse 3), it means that it was curiosity that led him in his quest; and yet is it not possible, or even probable, that this man had a hearthunger for reality, a longing for cleansing and an inward satisfaction which he had not yet found? Is it not possible that he had heard of the conversion of Matthew, who had als o been a tax-gatherer, and this had set in motion in the heart of Zacchaeus a most significant ‘curiosity’ about Christ?

The most important thing in this historical incident, however, is not that Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus; it us that Jesus sought Zacchaeus. It is, of course, always the Lord who takes the initiative, and the words in verse 10: ‘The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost’, are a commentary not only upon this incident and the salvation of Zacchaeus, but upon the salvation of any man or woman, boy or girl. It is always Jesus who begins the seeking, and when He and the sinner both seek, then the two are bound to meet.

Perhaps in the secrecy of your heart you are seeking Jesus, though you have not told anyone about it. If so, then He knows about it, and He is seeking you! That is the important thing, so go on with your seeking, and He will find you. Do not delay the matter, but ‘Seek ye the Lord whille he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near . . .’ (Isa. 55:6).”

Source: Francis W. Dixon, Other Preachers’ Bones, 6: The Message of the Trees, p 48 (I do not recommend this book, I just agree with the above part).

Picture source: smilingldsgirl (Pinterest)

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