The Mystical Servants of Humanity

esoteric‘Dwayne shared some interesting thoughts on purity of heart from Harvey Egan’s (SJ) An Anthology of Christian Mysticism:

“The mystics insist, however, that the mystical life is more than heroic virtue or service to the world. These are the outward expressions of their union with God, the sacramental expression of their mystical lives. They are socially and often politically active because they seek God and God alone. Only this—not ‘experiences’, not a transformed personality, not serving the world—gives the mystical life its ultimate value.

“Nonetheless, the mystics are the most impressive servants of humanity the world has ever seen. These deified, christified, spirit-filled persons are the amplifiers of every person’s more hidden life of faith, hope, and love. Their lives help us bear the interior whispers and see the faint flickers of divine truth and love in ourselves and others. The Christian mystics point the way to fully authentic human life by illustrating what it means to be a human being, what life means: eternal union (which begins here) with the God of love.”


source: Tom Belt, “Filling in the Frame of our Destiny” (anopenorthodoxy).


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