Moral Choice / Physical Condition

‘There is a difference between discussing a moral choice and a physical condition. This distinction deserves careful consideration. In reference to the topic at hand, I want to make an important clarification. Neither this article nor the confusion over public bathrooms is related to the intersex issue. Both are the result of, what can be thought of as, the “inner-sex” issue. Intersex relates to human beings with a physical abnormality resulting in a combination of male and female organs (estimated to occur in 0.2% of births). The phrase “inner-sex” has reference to human beings feeling like and, consequently, choosing to “self-identify” as the gender opposite to their physical state. The intersex community has not generated the current restroom conundrum; it is the result of the “inner-sex” community demanding the “right” to use a public restroom designated for those of the opposite gender.

Sadly, we live in a generation that has very little understanding of moral law, moral agency and moral government. Even sadder is the fact that many professing Christians, under the guise of being spiritual and loving, violate moral principles. The careless assumption that love and spiritual activity originate in the emotions (“I feel that…”) has provided a poor foundation for understanding moral issues which are based in truth and must be handled reasonably, thoughtfully and, finally, with a willful choice (right or wrong). The Biblical insight, “There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death,” (Pro 14:12) is quite applicable in this regard. Failure to understand such things places us on a slippery slope.’

source: Mick Wolfe, “Men, Women and…” (comprehensium).