In The Pains that Jesus bore

‘What soothes so well the heart’s deep sore,
As gazing on the pains He bore?
This sight all sin and stumbling bans,
– The Face “more marred than any man’s”.

Tell me, my soul, where thou canst see
More clearly God’s rich love to thee
Than in the pains that Jesus bore
A hapless rebel to restore?’

By Hallgrímur Pétursson

The above poem is made up of verses 6 and 7 of Hymn I: “Christ goes to The Garden”
taken from Hymns of The Passion by Hallgrímur Pétursson (originally published in Icelandic in 1666).

Translated into English by Arthur Charles Gook.
Taken from the English 1978 “Hallgríms Church” edition.


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