Who is really Self-Righteous ?

phariseepicture source: 1bp.

Often you hear religious sinners within the church ask: “Don’t you still sin every moment of your day in word, thought and deed?” When you reply: “I have been washed clean by Jesus Christ and every day I try to please Him in word, thought and deed”, they will say: “Oh, so you think you’re better than us? No one can live in perfect obedience towards God! We all sin every moment of our lives! You are a self-righteous Pharisee!”

Religious sinners accuse Christians (followers of Christ) of self-righteousness but they do not understand that Christians are people that are washed clean (not just forgiven) by Jesus Christ and who do not boast in themselves. Instead, they boast in the Lord! (Jeremiah 9:24) They boast in how He has cleansed them! (1 John 1:9)

The religious sinner tries to give himself peace of mind by trying to bring the Christian saint to his own level of sinfulness, claiming: “I am just a sinner like you. I am not a worse sinner than you are!” Here we can see his problem: He is self-righteous, in justifying his sins by comparing himself to others and thinking that God can ignore what he does. He actually says: “I am actually not that bad.” Talking about self-righteousness!

togetherpicture source: matthewsfamilychiropractic.


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