Some Passages that speak of Trinitarianism:

Matthew 1:21: Jesus means “Jehovah saves”. This passages states that He (Jesus) will save his people from their sins. Jehovah saves, Jesus does the saving => Jesus is Jehovah. (The same argument is used in John 5:17-18.)

John 5:17-18, 23: Jesus claims to be equal to the father and expects the same honour as God the Father.

Micah 5:2: Jesus is prophesied to be from everlasting. This shows that He has not been created but always has been.

Isaiah 48:12-13,16 is another strong Trinitarian passage: Jesus claims to have laid the foundation of the earth and He claims that God the Father and the Holy Spirit have send Him.

I am still dissatisfied with the Trinitarian explanations given to me of John 17:3 but I choose to remain a Trinitarian because of the ample biblical evidence.

trinityWithSymbolspicture source: stbedesmenlopark

Read also “The Trinity Logically Explained“, “The Blasphemy Argument(by Will Birch) and “Expanded View on The Trinity“.


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