The Burden of The Lord

‘ “The burden of the Lord” is the statement often used by prophets in the Old Testament age. They were men of God who were aware of the circumstances round about them, of the condition of their people; and they also knew the justice of Almighty God. Therefore, they were aware that the nation which was departing from the truth of God would come into divine judgment. As a result they were deeply burdened, and by inspiration of God’s Spirit they were constrained to cry out against the sins of the people and for true penitence toward God.

The heart of God still yearns over mankind with the same question that He spoke through His servant Ezekiel: “Why will ye die?” The Holy Spirit is still calling upon manking to turn from the ways of wickedness and return to the Most High, for He is merciful and ready to forgive.’

Source: Victor Raymond Edman, Foreword to “Revival Praying” by Leonard Ravenill.


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