On this page I try to add links to other websites. This means that I generally agree with them. This does not mean that I am responsible for any future posts these authors might make or that I do agree with every detail of every article they have put on their websites.

As always, be critical when reading articles on the internet.

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From the “about” section: “This group is meant for academic purposes. Only essays on church history are allowed here. It is open to any scholar, regardless of his/her (denominational) background. Essays can be uploaded through Comments, underneath each essay, are welcome.


“Christian Free Thinkers” is my favourite facebook group. I have been a member from close to the start and this group gave me the opportunity to make up my mind and change my mind on many different subjects within Christianity. I thoroughly enjoy its liberty between liberals and conservatives, Calvinists and Open Theists,…

The group is well monitored by Paul Dean (Anglican), Matt Dean (Unitarian/Baptist) and Dale V. Wayman (Nazarene).

Taken from the “about” section: “This group is for those who are not so bound by dogma that they will cease being Christians in order to defend their position. I hope for friendly discussion, lively if necessary, but above all, godly and with the over-arching Christian fellowship that followers of Christ should display.”

“Comprehensium” by Mick Wolfe is an excellent website for those wanting to learn more about Moral Government Theology and other subjects. Once in a while, a new article shows up on his website. The author thoroughly thinks before he writes and I would conclude that his website is a reliable source.

Taken from the “About” section: ‘Our goal is to provide meaningful, bite-size, easily digestible bits of information about Biblical Theism and the opposition it faces. We are convinced that a proper understanding and application of Biblical principles produces beneficial results for everyone. (…) We should all aim to diminish our ignorance. As well, we should seek to increase our ability to intelligently discuss what we believe and why we believe it. (…)

Together with evaluating ideas and encouraging understanding, Comprehensium is about government. All government (self-government, family government, church government, civil government, government of resources, finances and manpower) is affected by one’s ideology and one’s ideology is formed according to one’s presuppositions. Our ultimate conviction is that the Creator has the best ideas. We must make an effort to understand the difference between His design for life on planet earth and the alternatives being advanced if we are to avoid being “…tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming…” Welcome to Comprehensium as we invite you to be intellectually curious.’

The website of the school I attend. The school is part of the Assemblies of God (AoG), the biggest Pentecostal denomination. What I like about this school is that there is freedom of thought (conscience) – it feels nondenominal – and that there exsists a certain form of friendship and respect between students and between teachers. The president is – as far as I can see – a very humble and friendly man. I like his fire for evangelism. The big library is one of my favourite places. I go there often to build knowledge.

From the “about” section: “An international teaching staff of well-qualified men and women teach our courses. Inside and outside the classroom, they are all committed to help you reach your full potential in God. CTS is located in the picturesque town of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw near Brussels, Belgium, the capital of Europe. (…) The MTh degree has been accredited and recognized by the Flemish government as academic educational program in the higher education in Flanders, Belgium.”

From the “about” section: “The objective of this site is to link Open Theist bloggers and host guest posts from those bloggers. Because Open Theism is diverse, this site aims at presenting the various views. As such, the reader should take care to understand that the views presented are not of this site or necessarily of Open Theism as a whole, but of each individual author” (website hosted by Chris Fisher).


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