Jesus cannot heal all


One my favorite examples (among others) of Jesus failing is his attempt to do miracles in his hometown. The people of Nazareth “took offense to him,” says Mark, when they heard his message.  Jesus responded to them by saying prophets have no honor in their hometowns.

Mark concludes this “hometown boy” story by saying Jesus “could do no deed of power there, except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and cured them. And he was amazed at their unbelief.” In other words, Jesus couldn’t heal some people, because they did not believe he was a healer.

This passage in Mark (and repeated in Matthew) indicates that the lack of creaturely cooperation can stymie Jesus in attaining his goals. Jesus apparently tried to perform some miracles, but he failed to get results. Those whom Jesus engaged should be blamed for his failure, because they failed to express cooperative faith.


source: Thomas Jay Oord, “When Jesus Fails” (thomasjayoord).