Quotes by Other Theologians

This doctrine is a stumbling-block both to the church and the world, infinitely dishonorable to God, and an abomination alike to God and the human intellect, and should be banished from every pulpit, and from every formula of doctrine, and from the world.
It is a relic of heathen philosophy, and was foisted in among the doctrines of Christianity by Augustine, as everyone may know who will take the trouble to examine for himself.”
– Charles Finney, Lectures on Systematic Theology (1851 Edition), p. 340 (emphasis mine).

“Augustine, after studying the philosophy of Manes, the Persian philosopher, brought into the church from Manichaeism the doctrine of original sin.”
– Harry Conn forward to Sin and Holiness by Gordon C. Olson (emphasis mine).

“Augustine of Hippo is the fount of every distortion and alteration in the Church’s truth in the West
– Christos Yannaras, The Freedom of Morality, p 151 (emphasis mine).



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