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Republished books:

The Atonement of Jesus Christ

General William Booth’s view on the atonement of Jesus Christ. This is a reproduction of “The Atonement of Jesus Christ” (originally published in 1921).

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The Necessity of The Atonement

In this book, reverend Daniel Taggart Fiske (1819-1903) argues in favor of the Governmental Theory of the atonement. This book is a must-read for all who are interested in Moral Government Theology or different views on the atonement (originally published in 1861).

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The Evolution of Infant Baptism and Related Ideas            FREE !

Thomas Vincent Tymms, a baptist minister, made an excellent case against infant baptism and Augustinianism, including the heresy of original sin. A must-read to (re)form your opinion on this matter. This book is so precious to me, that I tried to digitize it many times. The best version Douglas Duncan and I could create, is available below for free. If you would like to support Douglas’ hard work, which he invested in the republishing of this book, you can buy it from him. This book may not be republished for free, without our permission. It can be downloaded here, for personal use only (originally published in 1912).

E-book (PDF):

Recommended books:

Crazy Love                              (5/5)

Excellent book by Francis Chan!

I would stress sharing the Gospel (by oldschool open air preaching!) more and the love a bit less (although that is very important!)

But a very good read to put into practice!
You learn a lot by reading it! (originally published in 2008| review: September, 2014 | review for Dutch edition, published 2010)


Interpreting Revelation       (5/5)

This book is a thorough commentary on the Book of Revelation.
From historical archeology to modern day usage
from structure summaries to commentary on every vision,
from chronological to eschatoliogical methods

The deep study that has been put in this work by the writer, Merrill C. Tenney, will just blow you away.
This did not keep the author from really making HIS OWN work of this.
I can keep on writing but just in short, this book contains everything you need to know/an excellent foundation to build your own view of Revelation on (originally published in 1957).

A Cause Worth Living For       (5/5)

41WPQGYNX5L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This book tells the story of a former Ulster Volunteer Force member.
The book is full of action, which makes you think you’re in a Rambo movie, but this is reality.
It will not bore you. To me it has always been an incredible testimony of how God’s grace can still reach and pardon the worst of sinners, turning their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Creation Science       (5/5)

creation-scienceThis book is my favourite book from the Young Earth Creationist’s side.
It’s got everything you need to destroy the (neo-)Darwinian Evolutionist’s arguments.
The arguments of the Evolutionists and of Dr. David Rosevear are presented in a very readable but thorough way.
It was a tremendous help in my speech defending Young Earth Creationism.
I haven’t yet heard any good response from the (neo-)Darwinian Evolutionist side.
Dr. David Rosevear is my favourite Young Earth Creationist, he certainly is not inferior to Darwinian evolutionists. I like his clear British style far more than the chaotic American style from his Young Earth colleagues. Every honest scholar should read this incredible work. Those who want to stay on the Evolutionist side have to come up with better arguments or become Creationists.

An Essay on the Scripture Doctrine of Atonement        (5/5)

FrontCoverThe greatest work I have read so far on the Governmental Atonement View. This work covers everything one has to know to gain a correct understanding of this view and it shows its superiority to other atonement theories. This work is far more understandable than, for example, the works of Charles G. Finney on this subject.

(The reader does not agree with the ideas that faith is not a choice but that God gives faith to some, while passing by others, leaving them in their ruin, to show His glory. The writer rightfully attacks the concept of Universal Reconciliation. The reader, however, does also not agree with the idea that the other extreme of the lost having to necessarily burn forever in a conscious state, for the glory of God, is a clear biblical one. All other parts of this book are just brilliant and should be read to attain a right understanding of the concept of the Governmental Theory of the Atonement.)

Click here to read my unedited summary notes on this book.

Does God know the Future?         (4/5)    FREE !

A handbook on Open Theism for Open Theists and skeptics alike.

“Part I – Philosophical” is recommended to skeptical philosophers.
“Part II – Biblical” contains thorough information for the skeptical theologian.

The author of this book proves throroughly that, according to the Bible, God does not live in a timeless eternal-now state and that He does not know all of the future. As sacreligious as that might sound,after considering these many Bible passages, it gives more glory to the God of the Bible.

His interpretation might be a bit biased and sometimes he repeats himself.

Click the link below to download the book for free! (thanks to the author for giving me permission)


The Foreknowledge of God and Cognate Themes in Theology and Philosophy (4/5)

DivineNescienceForeknowledgeFrontCoverThe author’s arguments are often wordy and repetitive and I disagree with his arguments for eternal conscious torment but having said this, this book is a classic and contains incredibly strong philosophical and logical arguments for the concept of a non-fixed future. (Written by Lorenzo Dow McCabe, originally published in 1887.)




The Gospel of John            (4/5)

A good conservative evangelical commentary. Sometimes the author gives his personal opinion, while remaining very scholarly. Bruce is at the top. Well-deserved (originally published in 1983).





Walking in the Spirit            (4/5)


The teaching of this book, brings back much clarity of the basic Christian faith.
It is quotable and understandable. You don’t need a theological degree to read it.
From the book itself: “One does not need a Doctor of Theology degree to answer Paul’s question. It is inconceivable for those who are dead to sin to keep living in it. Yet, instead of accepting the obvious and sensible answer, sophisticated theologians and ministers spend a lifetime figuring a way that man can be dead to sin and continue in it” (p 21).

All Christian leaders should read this to see if they are teaching Biblical truth instead of proof-texting disobedience!
From the book itself: “Leaders need to be aware that their sin-excusing doctrines are turning the grace of God into lasciviousness” (p 20).

2 downsides on this book are that

1. The writer strongly implies that if a Christian sins one time, he/she loses his / her salvation (= strong black & white vision). To maintain this doctrine, he has to be unaware / ignore the teaching of Psalm 51 and he has to take 1 Cor. 3:1-4 out of context on page 95.

2. On page 61, he mistakenly* asserts that Jesus broke the letter of the Fourth Commandment by healing on the Sabbath and by letting his disciples pluck ears of corn. (Although he does state that Jesus never broke the Spirit of the Law. It seems to me that He did not break the Letter, nor the Spirit of the Law.)

Nevertheless, this book is a strong apologetical work, against sin-excusing “Christians”!

Change Your Heart            (4/5)

9781609570958_p0_v1_s1200x630In this book, Michael Wolfe gives essential instructions on what is true, Biblical repentance and what it involves; it involves a true change of heart/mind; the ultimate change of an individual’s purpose from living for self to living for God. He does this in a very moderate way, according to healthy Moral Government Theology doctrines. For example, he shows that it is not required for a Christian to sin but that if one sins, this might be an act contrary to the heart or in accordance with the heart (= walking in sin). Throughout this book the author shows that it is not necessary to walk in the lawless path of the antinomians nor in the legalistic path (as the Moral Government community often gets accused of). A downside is that the book can sometimes be a bit wordy.

* This seems to be the practice of many Christians who accidentally confuse what is written in the Torah, with the man-made traditions the pharisees added to it.

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