Paris Reidhead on Repentance and Sin

‘Then he reveals a great and just anger against Israel for her sin. He not only reveals the anger, but he proceeds to judge judge them, and to chasten them, and to vindicate God as he attacks this crime that they have committed. For we find in the verses here of Exodus 32, 21 to 29 a setting forth of the awful, the awful anger. And I say awful in the proper use of the word. Here is Moses that has given a demonstration of how God feels about sin. He has been close enough to God, long enough, to feel the same way that God feels. It is a terrible thing when Christian people sin. When a child of God allows sin in his life, he somehow feels that it is not as serious as it was before he was saved. But I submit to you on the basis of the authority of God’s Word that He has never changed, and that sin in my life or your life is hated just as much as it is in any pagan anywhere in the world. Where did we get the idea, how did it come into the church, how did it ever get into Christian theology, that God saved people in their sins? Where did it come from? Out of the pit. There is no other answer but out of the pit. God hates sin as much in a professing Christian as He does in the vilest sinner out in the world. His attitude toward sin has not been ameliorated by the Cross. There is the revelation of His wrath, and not the amelioration of His wrath. Do you see it? He did not give us a carte blanche printed card when Jesus died and said, Here, go out and charge your sins. They are paid for in advance. And there has been a deposit made that you can draw on. So sin as you will. This is not what He said. But this is what I hear people saying in His behalf, making Him the minister of sin, and it is a terrible travesty. My friend, God hates sin. If that is the last word I ever utter over a pulpit, I want it to be known that God hates sin. God is angry with sinful people, whether they are church members and know theology, have accepted the plan of salvation, God hates sin. Ours is a generation that has lost the fear of God before their eyes.’

source: Paris Reidhead (holyandpure).

Such parts like “there is no one righteous” should not be taken out of context. Are true Christians and unborn babies also “swift to shed blood” (v15a)? Are their mouths “full of cursing and bitterness” (v14)? And maybe the most clear example of them all: Do you have the audacity to claim that “they have no fear of God before their eyes”(v18) applies to Christians??!! I hope “there is no one that doeth good, no, not one.”  (v12c) does not apply to Christian individuals, or the Church of Christ as a whole! The apostle John warned us for people twisting such texts: “let no man deceive you,  he that doeth righteousness is righteous,  even as he (Jesus) is righteous” (1 John 3:9b)!


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