Future Sins are Not Automatically Forgiven

‘As to what sins need to be forgiven for present fellowship, we are not speaking of future sins. The Scriptures say nothing about the forgiveness of future sins. If present forgiveness was intended to apply to future sins, this would be an idea so novel and foreign to common sense that it would call forth an extended explanation as to how this could be possible. In the absence of such explanation, what authority shall we cite for implying that future sins are all presently dealt with, when we have many contrary statements from the Old and New Testaments, too numerous for any detailed mention, plainly affirming the guilt of all sin. As long as moral beings, in the right exercise of their endowments, are privileged members of God’s moral government, every sin must bring condemnation and defilement and call forth repentance, confession, forgiveness and cleansing, with a fresh recourse to the atoning death of Christ (I Jn. 1:9; 2:1-2).’

source: Gordon C. Olson, The Essentials of Salvation, p. 254.


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