Essential Open Theism

‘Alan Rhoda wrote a philosophical piece a while back articulating what he finds to be the essential beliefs of “Open Theism.” In effect, these are that there is an all-powerful God who created the cosmos out of nothing and is perfect in every respect, that the future is unsettled to the extent that humans and any other beings are free, that unsettled aspects of the future can’t be settled in the mind of God, and that unsettled aspects of the future are unsettled in the mind of God. Call these four tenets, Essential Open Theism. Call somebody who holds these essentials, an Essential Open Theist. Pretty much every author you can think of who is commonly referred to as an Open Theist would be an Essential Open Theist (…). Notice that being an Essential Open Theist is a pretty black-and-white thing. Either you hold all four tenets, or you don’t.’

source: Jacob M. Hunt (opentheists).


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