Soli Deo Gloria

All glory should always be given to God.
If, for example, a pastor or Christian layman shared the Gospel with you,
and you belief, the glory should still go to God alone,
since His Spirit converted you (by your permission)
and the minister was sent by God.

As it is written in James 1:17a:
“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights”

“We are assurimageed of victory over death, victory over the flesh, victory over the world and Satan. Christ promises us remission of sins, fruits in this life a hundredfold, and thereafter life eternal. And for what reason? For the sake of our merit? No indeed, but through the grace of faith which is in Christ Jesus. We are the more secure because He is first our Doctor. He first overcame the lapse of Adam, nailed our sins to the cross, sealed our redemption with His blood … He added the seal of the Spirit lest we should waver in our confidence … What could we little worms do of ourselves? Christ is our justification. Christ is our victory. Christ is our hope and security. … I believe there are many not absolved by the priest, not having taken the Eucharist, not having been anointed, not having received Christian burial who rest in peace, while many who have had all the rites of the Church and have been buried next to the altar have gone to hell.”
– Desiderius Erasmus (2)

Sola Deo Gloria is not in conflict with Synergism. Read “The parable of the boy, the father and the tree” by Desiderius Erasmus in “Synergism“. The advanced synergism is not in contradiction with this starter sola.)

(2) Desiderius Erasmus, Treatise on the Preparation for Death.

Picture source: Holbein, Erasmus, wikimedia


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