The Doctrines of Disgrace

‘It [Calvinism] denies the justice of God because it says that God commands of us the impossible, sends us to hell for being sinners when we were born sinners [Read alsoOriginal Sin“.] and could not help it, holds us accountable for another man’s sin which we had no knowledge of and gave no consent to, that God decreed that men would sin and they had no free will ability to avoid it [Read also “Sinful Nature“.] and then God is angry with them for it and damns them on account of it, etc [Read also “Is God A Tyrant? Is He The Author of Sin?“].

It denies the mercy of God because it says that God must punish all sin and consequently forgives no sin. It teaches that all penalty for sin must be executed and so no penalty is actually remitted. It says all debt must be paid and so no debt is pardoned or forgiven [See also “Governmental Theory of The Atonement” and “Arguments Against Penal Substitution and in Defense of the Vicarious Governmental Atonement“.].

It denies the grace of God because it says that God must save those for whom Christ died because it would be unjust to punish them. Thus, those for whom Christ died are saved by justice and not by grace and it would be an injustice for them to be damned. God is not acting gracious when He saves those for whom Christ died but acts justly [Again, see also “Governmental Theory of The Atonement” and “Arguments Against Penal Substitution and in Defense of the Vicarious Governmental Atonement“.].

It denies the omniscience of God because it says that Christ obeyed the law on our behalf so that when you put your faith in Christ, His righteousness or works of the law are imputed to you so that when a believer sins, God does not see their sins but sees the imputed righteousness of Christ instead. [Read also Imputed Righteousness“.]

It denies the love of God by teaching that Jesus Christ did not die for everyone, that God does not want everyone to repent and be saved, that God eternally and unconditionally choose to damn the majority of mankind, etc [Read also: “God is Love“.].

It denies the veracity of God because while God calls men to repentance, He does not want them all to repent and actually withholds from them the ability necessary for them to repent. And then he blames them for their impenitence. And while God said that He would destroy Nineveh in forty days, He always knew that He would not [Read also: ‘Against “The Hidden Will” of God‘ and “Does God have A Secret Will?“.].


It teaches that there are sins that Jesus Christ cannot deliver you from, that the power of sin is greater than the power of His grace because it teaches that you cannot stop sinning but must sin every day in word, thought, and deed, and that no man is able either of himself or by any grace received in this life to perfectly keep God’s commandments. Thus it excuses sinners, justifies their disobedience, and comforts them in their impenitence [Read also: “The Nobody is Perfect Myth“.].

Calvinism is false doctrine and heresy that is wrong on so many points. I could go on and on but this is sufficient for now to show that it is utterly unbiblical and even satanic. Calvinism, also known as Reformed Theology and “the doctrines of grace” is really deformed theology – the doctrines of disgrace.’ [Read also: “Augustine Gnostic Heretic and Corruptor of The Church“.]

Source: Jesse Morrell, “Reformed Theology or Deformed Theology? Doctrines of Grace or Disgrace?” (biblicaltruthresources).

Added links between brackets “[]” for further reading.

Read also “Why I am Not A Calvinist: How Reformed Theology contradicts Scripture” by Jesse Morrell.


2 thoughts on “The Doctrines of Disgrace

  1. Calvinism is worthy of its name, “The doctrines of damnation.” There’s not one inch of love in the Calvinist “god.” Demonic for sure.


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