Prosperity Gospel


“Supposing that gain is godliness” – 1 Timothy 6:5.

Many in the church today teach that we know we are being blessed by God by prosperity, God rewards those who do His will with money. People get on TV and the internet and do nothing but beg people to sow a seed to them, and they promise those who do sow a seed will receive much more back. But this never really happens and all it leaves is people struggling more to survive, as sadly, many who give their money looking for blessings are poor people. Now I do believe some of these are sadly deceived, but many of them theirselves are greedy swine, and as the scriptures say, have gone after teachers according to their own lusts.

Jesus tells us “Blessed are the pure in heart for their shall see God”, he does not tells us blessed are those who get rich from the gospel. But those who are pure in heart are blessed, those who have had their sins forgiven and been given a new heart and spirit.

Many in the Church today are living with an Old Covenant mentality, God did promise the earthly nation of Israel under the Old Covenant, blessing if they did obey Him, but he promised punishment if they disobeyed Him. We see this nowhere under the New Covenant. Rather we see that our Kingdom/Nation is not one of this world, but that we are strangers and pilgrims on this earth, awaiting our Kingdom. But the wolves don’t want to recognize this fact as they love preying on the weak and vulnerable, money is their god and not the Most High.


source: Jamie RA Gerrard (holyandpure).

picture source: graemereynolds.


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