Power and Love in the Blueprint and Warfare Worldviews

Even if Jesus is the perfect, ultimate portrayal of God, isn’t he still supposedly all-powerful?  If he is all-powerful, then didn’t he orchestrate, or at least sit idly by while Henry suffered and died?  That doesn’t seem loving.  And isn’t God supposed to be all-loving?

Is God all-powerful?

The blueprint worldview says yes, and believes that God uses his power to cause (or purposefully allow) all things to transpire exactly as He wishes.

The warfare worldview also says yes, and then distinguishes between a deity from whom all power originates and a deity who is all-controlling.

Is God all-loving?

The blueprint worldview says yes, but then struggles to coherently answer why God ordains (or purposefully allows) trauma and evil to bring about higher good.

The warfare worldview says yes, unequivocally.

As a proponent of the warfare worldview, I believe God is both all-powerful and all-loving.  I also believe Henry’s young death was not authored by God, but was rather a devastating consequence of the cosmic, spiritual warfare that surrounds humanity.


The Bible demonstrates God predestining certain events and shows his intervention in altering the paths of individuals and nations.  How can you assert that God is not controlling everything?

While the motif of future determinism is clear in scripture, so is the motif of God being impacted, even persuaded at times, by his people.  There are 39 instances recorded in scripture of God changing his mind.  Some argue that this is simply biblical authors assigning human attributes to God, but there lacks evidence to conclude that God wasn’t actually, authentically changing his mind.

Those who ascribe to the blueprint worldview omit the possibility that God is genuinely influenced by the bride he loves.  However, the open view of God’s sovereignty allows room for some instances to be foreordained by God, yet suggests that much of history remains unwritten.’

source: A Developing Picture of God: Q&A and Wrap-Up (Jessicakelley).


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