Reasons For Christians to Reject the “Eternal Now” Philosophy – Excerpts

‘ “If God created time, where did He find the time to create time? How could God say the sequence “let there be time” if duration did not exist yet? Creating time is a self- contradiction – a natural impossibility – a logical absurdity and therefore should be shunned by Christians and Theologians.”

“God cannot be a Creator if He does not live in time, if His being has no natural attribute of succession or duration.”

“If all things are experienced by God eternally, then all things (including time) must be eternal. If God eternally experiences time, then time must eternally exist, and is therefore not created.”

“Since time cannot be created, being a contradiction and requiring and natural impossibility, then time must be an internal, eternal attribute to the being and existence of God Himself, since God alone is eternal, and anything eternal must be internal to God, since all things external to God were created by God. I propose that eternal self- consciousness of God is the foundation for time, from which time is derived from; which attribute of self-consciousness we were made with, being made in His image. Thereby God is naturally experiencing duration, as we are naturally experiencing duration, since God is eternally self-conscious and we were created self-conscious, made in the image of His own existence.” ‘

Source: Jesse Morrell, ‘Reasons For Christians to Reject the “Eternal Now” philosophy of Plato, Pagans, and Augustine’ (excerpts chosen by crosstheology)


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