My Experience in Cameroon

Part of a preaching of the CTS Missions Convention 2015 in Continental Theological Seminary, Brussels. Read / Hear also: “Exhortation to Evangelism“.



Now I will talk about what I experienced when I was there in Cameroon. And I will end with a short exhortation. If you have any questions afterwards about the church, which we previously discussed, my experience or if you are interested to join in, please come see me afterwards.

When I arrived I was brought from the airport to the house of Madame Pujol, she has been very good to me during my whole stay and there was not one thing that was lacking.

The first week, I went Open-Air Preaching in the surrounding places and I was allowed to look into the personal life of madame Pujol and her son, who was also my driver. Both of them I really started to see as friends. In this week, I was also allowed to do a workshop on evangelism. I preached on Acts 2 and ended with a Q & A session (that stands for Question and Answers).

The second week was the week of the evangelism crusade and the conference.
During the evangelism crusade, I was given 15 minutes to preach every time we went there. I preached on the constitution of man and how they became sinners by sinning as they gave in to satan’s seductions or the seductions of other people and how they are responsible before God’s moral law and before God Himself, Who is the moral Lawgiver.

In the same week, witnessed an international conference in the church of Kenneth and Bernadette brown. I was allowed to give 3 sermons in front of a cell group. I missed the first opportunity due to an unfortunate error of communication. But I had 2 other opportunities to preach. The first time I preached on justification; on what I call the second form of justification: justification by works, which should never, never, never be confused with justification by faith, which comes first of course.

The second time I preached in front of a cell group there, I preached a sermon based on a preaching by reverend Charles Grandison Finney. This preaching style was a new experience to me. I preached on holiness and the doctrine of Christian perfection; that Christ cleanses us from all sins and all unrighteousness and that we cannot live like the devil and call ourselves Christians. I taught them that we must make sure to walk close to Jesus and not live in sin, lest we fall away from the faith.

Read / Hear also: “Exhortation to Evangelism“.


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