Open Theism Videos

Gordon Olson on Open Theism (compilation).This is a great compilation video, as a follow-up to Jesse Morrell’s video (Introduction to Open Theism) posted in the main article. A must hear! 😀

Source: my youtube channel (click on the video for secondary sources).

I don’t agree with the ending of the following video but it might help those who think Open Theists are heretical false converts. I believe it is not a big issue but I believe it should be properly respected and we should not be persecuted by other Christians.

Source: Jesse Morrell, Open Theism Re: Marks of A Possible False Convert (Tony Miano)

Extra video including scriptural evidence on that God changes His mind and tests our hearts. (I do not agree with the idea that God CHOOSES to not know our hearts but I believe there is a difference between the state of our heart – will – and what we actually do with those plans, in our heart, in the future. [See the next video with the water bottles.])

Source: God changes his mind and tests us to see what is in our hearts (Moral Government Theology)

This is another great video on God changing his mind. It talks about the particular passage in Exodus 32:10-14:

Source: Logan Meyer (youtube)

Jesse Morell uses arguments from Charles Finney, reason and the Bible. This is how he tries to prove that God is not impassible. That God has emotions and that we can affect His emotions towards us:

Part 1

Part 2

In this video I try to debunk the idea that God certainly knows all following steps and therefore the whole future:

Source: my youtube channel (click on the video for secondary sources).

Some might find the following video funny. Though Open Theists might disagree on certain details, it gives generally a good view of the general Bible texts Calvinists and Open Theists use:

Source: realityisnotoptional (youtube)


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