Light-Bulbs make Bad Hammers


I am often told, by those turning over rocks, looking for a justification to continue smoking marijuana, “God wouldn’t have given it to us if He didn’t want us to use it!” My initial reply is something like, “When was the last time you smoked spinach?”

But there is actually something more fundamental, with a broader application at play here. In God’s created design, things have a particular function. When used according to their designed function, we will find them quite useful for producing wonderful results. When misused, expect complications.

Allow me to offer an illustration before proceeding. Imagine working with another individual to remodel a room in your house. At a certain point you hand him a light-bulb and he proceeds to use it to drive a nail into a 2×4. Upon doing so, the bulb shatters into shards of glass, at which time your partner declares, “Light-bulbs are useless! I don’t know why they were even invented! You were stupid for giving me one!” You calmly reply, “Not if you use them properly.” With further justifying accusation he childishly states, “Then why’d you give it to me if you didn’t want me to hammer that nail?” You thereby inform him, “There is a light fixture above your head with a blown bulb.”

Sure, that’s a stupid illustration to illustrate the stupid justification carelessly offered by many when defending improper use of their God-given gifts, abilities and resources. To bring this potentially long reflection to a quick close I simply point out that this point applies to, what we can properly call, the desires of the flesh. When a person uses such desire improperly and then accuses God of evil for giving them such desire, we need only tell them that light-bulbs make bad hammers. When we govern such desires properly, keeping them in their right place, they serve a fruitful purpose. When we allow them to govern us, we serve time in prison (so to speak). Our task is to put things in their proper place and use things in their proper way.

Instead of wasting time and energy questioning God’s wisdom, we should do all we can to receive it.’

source: Mick Wolfe (comprehensium).


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