Is Cursing a Sin ?

Curse words are letters and syllables put together and sounded out through the human tongue. They attempt to say something we already have other words for in a more definitive, stronger, and (sometimes) offensive way.

Wait…First let me say this: You can ask my wife and family. They have heard me curse 5 times maybe in their life. I just did not grow up that way. For some, it is like an accent they formed as they were raised. I don’t have that accent and I don’t see myself working to acquire it.

Like I said yesterday, you would be hard pressed to find any real, in-context prohibition against salty language in the Bible or through natural theology. There is a lot about demeaning and worthless talk, but that all goes to the meaning and intentionality of your words. It normally has to do with being UNNECESSARILY offensive and bringing people down with a bad attitude and negativity. Even the third commandment has nothing to do with cursing. It says “you shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.” This commandment is simple. It is about protecting God’s reputation, not saying bad words, even G-D.

The thing that frustrates me and why I write about this right now is that I know many people who think it is some sort of mark of spirituality that they don’t curse. They take undue pride in it. They look down on people who do, sometimes assigning them a place on hell while placing more and more crowns on their own heads due to their holy abstinence. I know one person who was approached by a visitor to the church and asked if she could share the Gospel to him. What an exciting moment! I watched this go down from beginning to end. However, the moment was cut (confusingly to the visitor) short because she could not stand to hear all the f-bombs he was dropping. She ran past me saying “I can’t do this!!” I did step on, but how tragically messed up that was. I will never forget it.

I personally wish that we (Christians) could redeem all language, making the words themselves amoral and simply using them properly. I never want to unnecessarily offend anyone, but I also desire that those who think cursing is a sin to graduate from being a “weaker brethren” (in this case) and not hold our language hostage. We need those stronger words available. They are valuable.

As I said before, no words are inherently sinful. It is absurd to think so. We should use all words intentionally and under control. We should not be unnecessarily offensive, but we don’t want people to get the idea that we are afraid to hear certain phonetic articulations or use them if the context calls for it.

Be international, be clear, and use any God-given language for the purpose of honoring him and building people up. If you have to use the stronger words like “shit” in the way that Paul did to shock people into listening (and the way that I did just now!), do so (Phil 3:8). Let it remain rare that you use some of these words or they lose their power. We need words with shock and awe. That doesn’t mean it is “bad”, it just means that you mean business. If you want to use some of the other sexual type “curse” words in the bedroom with your spouse, it is your prerogative. (Hold on to your hat) Maybe that is what they are made for!! Most curse words normally sound tacky in other contexts. Tackiness is not a sin, it is just…well…tacky. Who wants to be tacky?

These are God’s words on loan to us to use properly.

I know that these concepts are going to get some of you upset with me. I don’t mean to do so. I could be wrong. But consider what I say and let’s talk it out.

Concerning Eph 4:29 this video I made may help you understand where I am coming from:



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